There can be nothing more critical than getting your executive team ready to present. Whether media, investors, customers, internal team members and more, preparing your executives should always be job one. They are the outward facing voices for your business and represent a significant opportunity to make or break a company.  

Mike’s nearly 20 years of experience both internal with two global agencies or over the past 12 years running DRIVEN360, Mike’s keen ability to read an audience and train an executive team is unsurpassed. Never underestimage the value of training.    

  • Business Development 
  • Presentation Training 
  • Media Training 
  • Crisis Communication 

“I’ve been through presentation and media training in the past, but nothing like this. Mike immerses himself in to the role of presenter and through this showcases how to best develop a message that will resonate with your audience. We put a handful of Executives and Directors in front of him and by the end of the two day training they entire team because experts on their topics, but could now deliver them in a way that engaged the audience.”  

Teppy Wigington, Director of Marketing, LINE-X 

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